Phase 3 Implementation Planning


I do not feel completely confident in any of the areas. I think this is something that comes with time. I do feel I need more time practicing coding. Doing the “Hour of Code” with my students was fun. It was a learning experience for all of us. My department head is one of facilitators so help is readily available to me. It was easier to work with the implementation document this time.


I feel confident teaching the basics of coding like the flower turtles, but I am still a little unsure of my skills and knowledge in implementing the models. I think that I could make it through the lessons, but I still fear making many mistakes. I would really like more instruction in what all of the blocks of code in all of the drawers do, and which ones will connect to run code properly (order, etc.). I feel as though I understand how to implement the lessons better this time around, but I still feel like an amateur rather than an expert.

  1. I am not at 100% in any area yet. I do feel confident in getting the students prepared to manipulate the code, however I would feel a bit better if I knew that I had the correct answers somewhere.
  2. I will continue to work with my students on the coding aspect and I will feel more confident as I go along. Time will be my friend.
  3. I just wish that there were correct answers for everything in our book. I would just feel more confident.
  4. I feel more confident this time, but of course that is because of working with it.

  1. I am confident in the content, however, still a little shaky on the coding part, with practice, hopefully I can get this mastered
  2. More time in the hands on classes to really get into the modules that we have been using
  3. Debugging–a little nervous that there are know “answer keys” anywhere to got to as a reference. If I am frustrated, I am a bit nervous with how frustrated the kids might get, especially if I can’t provide the solution
  4. I was more organized in what I was trying to accomplish with the lesson, focus more on how to have student work with the code


Since I am not teaching in a science class, I used the Trailblazing Coding lesson, and it went over really well with my students. The implementation plan helps to keep me organized and successful.