Pie charts in Game Lab

I created Pie Charts in Javascript. I know this may be very useful in some games. For it to work you need to import a library: Visual Zarkon. There are a few more functions in it, but for the charts, you need to do VisualZarkon.drawPieChart(arrayOfValues, x, y, size, startAt)
this is the syntax. I made a small example of it,

that’s just 1 chart, you can create yours, and there can be more than 3 elements in the chart.
It may look complicated in the test, but it’s fairly simple to use.
for the first parameter, you need an array with objects in them. Each object in the array represents one element in the chart. Each object should have 2 parameters. Color and value. Color is the color of the element, value is the value that the element is supposed to represent. the x and y parameter are the coordinates of the chart, the size parameter is the size of the chart and startAt is basically the rotation of the chart.
Library ID: OQ4KqrkKkudjIBxUK17qzScitLdStvpxcXYxV_7B2cc