Pixabay License & Attribution

What are the best practices for crediting the source of a pixabay image? The license on their web site clearly says images are free to use, but cannot be sold unless it has been substantially modified. Can we just have students indicate the photo has a “pixabay license for free use” or something like that? It’s not really public domain, right?

Hi @jwilson25,

Always good to maintain best practices even if not required. I would go by their terms which can be found here. It does say attribution is appreciated so I would probably have kids follow the guidelines you use in class. I like these citation generators like this one. Those are my thoughts - perhaps others will contribute their thoughts as well.

~Michelle Lynn

Thanks, Michelle. I have referred students to that Pixabay license page, too. I think I’ll have students cite the author and “pixabay license” on their pages. That seems sufficient. I didn’t know about the citation generator. Thanks for sharing that.