Photos for Class image search tool

When a student downloads a picture it adds a watermark to the bottom of the image that cites the creator and the image license terms. Pretty slick! :slight_smile:



I wish it had a larger selection of pictures! I’m trying to search through the Forum for any resources to help students with the steps necessary to locate, download and cite media (images primarily) from the sites that are not Google Image Search (that one I have down.)

Hi Kristen,

This page from Florida International University has some info on general best practices for citing digital images regardless of the source. There’s also a link to generate an MLA citation if the student is using it in a written paper.

If anyone else has any other resources they use, we’d love to find out about it :slight_smile:

Michael K.

I like Open Attribution Builder. It helps you create a citation. Doesn’t matter where you find your image. If you plug the info you have into the site it will return a citation in proper format.