Play Lab and Draw Something Sharing Options

When you start kids on the App Lab and Artist Studio there are a variety of ways to share out projects.
Considering a class Twitter handle to share out student created apps and drawings for families to see? Here is a blog post from Alice Keeler that explains more about creating a classroom account.
One way to collect the projects from your students is to create a Google Form for students to copy and past their project’s URL into.and then share the results for students test out projects.
When a phone number is entered a text message is generated for the recipient to open up the app with the URL.

What is your experience sharing apps in the classroom? Any pro-tips for new teachers?


Ooh, the google form is a great idea! Especially if you have it auto-populate to a spreadsheet. That’s a great way for students to “turn in” projects for Play Lab or Artist, too!