Please Post Interesting Examples of Telling a Story With Data Visualizations


Here is an article I read a while back that I thought was a great example of telling a story with data visualization.

If you have any others, please share.

The colors of 94,526 paintings since 1800, charted

Bill Barnum


You might want to check out some TEDx videos… they have a whole collection on data that is pretty fascinating. It gets into big data a bit, but students were memorized!


This is more about visualizations but its such a cool book I want to share, the data guy at our school showed it to me.

Dear Data is a year-long, analog data drawing project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, two award-winning information designers living on different sides of the Atlantic.

By collecting and hand drawing their personal data and sending it to each other in the form of postcards, they became friends.