Pretest and Post-test for CS DIscoveries


Is anybody planning on building a pretest and post-test for CSD? If so, would you mind sharing?


I’m also interested in a CS Discoveries pretest and post-test for the semester (Units 1-3).


I simply ran out of time. So our state (Indiana) has purchased the rights for us to use Precision Exams for our Career and Technical Education programs. They had exams for Introduction to Computer Science. So I used that. I like that I will be able to compare my scores with others around the state and that the test blueprint provides me with the topics but not the actual test questions.


Sounds like a good solution. Did the exam match the curriculum?


This link shows the exam blueprint. I felt that it was close to covering the topics.



Nice find! It does match well and users can adjust as needed for their classrooms. Thanks!



Which precision exam did you use for CS Discoveries?



I don’t want to speak for Joann, but I looked at the Exploring Computer Science exam which has a lot of similar content. The Information Technology had a little bit, but it was also more focused on creating PPT and multimedia projects.



I used some of the questions from the Curriculum Guide, under Big Questions, for creating a pretest. I felt they were the driving questions for topic on what students were about to tackle.


I did not do a pretest/post-test for CSD Unit 1, but I really like the idea. I don’t have one already made, but posted their version of a test for Unit 1 if you’d like to see what someone else is doing. Let us know what you decide!


I would be very interested in this! Anyone already done it? Why reinvent the wheel?