Program for Teacher Control of Laptops

Hello All-

Looking for a program that allows teacher control of student laptops. i.e. black out their screens, share a student screen, monitor their progress, etc.

Open to any suggestions.

Thank you!

@ashley_purpura I use Lanschool. It’s purchased through my county and works well.

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We use Netop Vision. Don’t know if it would work on a laptop system but it works great for desktops and virtualized systems.

Hi! I´m from Argentina and we use a software of e-learning by mythware. It works pretty good, The teacher can share students screens, control the computers remotely, silence, send files, recive files, shut down the computers and many other features. we use it in elementary school.
I hope to be helpfull.

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I f I understand your question correctly, we hve used italk and now use insight I like both of them.
A teacher can monitor screens take screen shot, remote access and send messages,
hope this helps.:wink:

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