Teacher Observation Ideas! Please Help!

I am looking for a middle school 40 minute lesson for my observation. Student have been exposed to entry level Python. I really would appreciate the help!

If the lesson doesn’t have to be specific to a programming language I would suggest CSD Unit 1, Chap 2, Lesson 4 (What is a Computer?). You don’t need to have done lessons 1-3 for this lesson, and this is where I actually start my 7th graders in the curriculum. Hope this helps.

I think @alicia.kroner had a really good idea. I was going to suggest one of the Intro to Problem Solving activities but without knowing more about your evaluator, they may struggle with the connection of building a paper tower or spaghetti bridge with computer science and problem solving in teams. I like @alicia.kroner’s suggestion because it is clearly connected to computer science and SO important:)


Hi Michelle,

Wow thank you so much for your reach out. I am in my own world here and I am teaching a World of Tech course. I am in NY and the state is in the process of rolling out new standards for COMP SCI & Digital Fluency. The evaluator is the principal and I believe he would really like to see something fresh. I am new to the district and am multi certified. Biz, FACS, Work Based Learning Career Development, I come from industry and have a professional certification in Cyber & Information Management. My students are 9-12 all boys with 1 girl. They are low level and it is a diverse school with high concentration of Hispanics. I choose middle level due to the nature of the students ability. I currently started working with Academy.cs.cmu.edu which is through Carignane Melon University. They have the basics of Python as I started with the entry level middle school lesson. Since it was a 1 day I thought I would do a mini lesson on looping, or AI … I thought there was something in the database as such. However, this could be a great entry to a forth coming project. What do you think?


I teach high school as well and use CS Discoveries for my introductory class. We use Unit 2 (Web Design) and Unit 3 (Coding and Animation). The kids LOVE Unit 3 and creating video games. Unit 3 lessons are not really stand-alone lessons as they all tend to build on each other so that eventually the kids have enough programming skills to make an interactive game. The same is true for Unit 2 and building a website. So, I’m not sure I would recommend this if you will not continue with Unit 2 or Unit 3 and only have the one lesson.

I do think the AI lessons are more standalone and make more sense for a single lesson. Can you see the lesson plans? If not, you can sign up to be a verified teacher and look them over to see which might be best for your observation. I am not as familiar with those lessons so perhaps others can suggest one lesson in Unit 7 AI that might work well for the observation.

~Good luck