Program not registering a button click

I have a student who’s buttons won’t work in their app. I didn’t help with their code, but secretly looked at their code and didn’t see any bugs. They put a console log in the onEvent to see if the program registers the button being clicked, it does not register it. I don’t want to post the share link because the student is using it on their Create PT. Can someone please help?

Hi Olivia,

Unfortunately without more context this is going to be really difficult to debug. There are so many possible issues that this could be and ultimately even if we could find it, there’s not a lot of value in doing so right now because we can’t help the student find the solution.

It may be helpful to remind the student:

  • College Board will not be running their program - they will only see the portion the student chooses to video.
  • The College Board will not read through all of the code, they will only focus on the portions boxed and shared for each written portion of the exam.

So even if a portion of the project isn’t working, the student can still get full credit as long as the requirements are met by other portions of the program. If the issue persists beyond the deadline and the student is still looking for support I would encourage you to complete the debugging template and share the program here.

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My understanding of the rules is that your only way to help is to make a full class announcement reminding them they are allowed to seek help from fellow students currently taking the class.

On top of the great advice mentioned above, you can also remind the students that they can work around a problem by changing the functionality of their program - nothing in the rubric and no way for readers to know the final program doesn’t match the student’s original vision.