Removing coursework from archived classes for students

I teach elementary students, and simplicity is always key with the young ones. My colleague taught a few lessons of Course D to our 3rd grade last year. I am starting Course E this year with 4th grade. Our students are logging in with Google and then using section codes. Since they’re logging in with Google, Course D still shows up from last year, and being so young, the students are getting mixed up with what course they’re supposed to be in and sometimes ending up in the wrong one, creating a lot of confusion. I asked my colleague to archive the classes and unassign Course D, and I’ve confirmed he’s done that, but apparently that doesn’t stop the course from showing up in the students’ Dashboard as they’ve started work in it so they can still continue it. Is there anything else that can be done? If not, I’d love to request this feature. In Google Classroom, if a class is archived, it stops showing up for the student. I think that helps keep things organized and manageable and would love to have that be an option here too - at least for elementary classes.