Delete a student and / or course

I have students who are in two classes of mine this year - I have them signed up for CS Discoveries in one class, and the Express course in the other class. A huge problem for the CS class - these students are not seeing the lessons now. I have read that students can not be signed up for more than one course. To make matters more difficult, I synched the classes using Google Classroom. I archived the other class hoping this would solve the problem - did not work. I am not able to delete a student only edit.

I would like to delete these students from the other class - I have not found an option that works. I would appreciate any help from my CS friends. Thank you.

Hi @patricia.drake,

My initial thinking is that two Google Classrooms or two courses should not be a problem. I think what has happened is that one GC’s assigned course has just sort of hidden the GC’s assigned course. I know when my students come from elementary, both the Express course and CSDiscoveries is in the student’s dashboard but the Express course is predominant. OR, when I have assigned two courses (such as the AI course and CSD), one is easier to find in the dashboard and the other takes some closer looks.

The first thing I would try is to “Edit Section Details” of your CS class to make sure the CS Discoveries is displayed. The instructions for doing that are HERE.

Once you have done this, the Express course should still be available to those kids to whom it is assigned but may not be predominant. Just have them look closely at their dashboard to see if it is somewhere there. If you have already tried this or students truly don’t have access to one or the other class, you may need to put in a support ticket unless someone else has some additional tips to try.


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Thank you, Michelle, for your time and suggestions. I will give your first suggestion a try before reaching out with a support ticket. Thanks again.

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