Student has had course before

I currently have a student who had CSD last spring with me. When I told admin. that he had the class before, they decided that it was too much trouble to change his schedule and that he would just take it again.
Is there any way to delete his CSD course from last year? He has all the answers and is sharing them with other students so that they don’t even try to do the work.

I deleted him from that class in my dashboard, but he can still get to the curriculum.


Hi Kammie,

One option is to have him create a new sign in and try to keep him from logging into his other account. I don’t think you can delete his other completed login.

Have you considered giving him other things to work on like: Scratch, Codecombat, Code monster, Blockly, Tynker, Thimble.
All of the above are free or have portions that are free. These may keep building his skills and stop him from having time to help his friends by giving the answers,