Sample Answer Keys for all activity guides

Sample Answer Keys for all activity guides would be helpful, especially for us non-computer science majors! I am on CS Principles Unit 5 Lesson 5 Big, Open & Crowdsourced Data.

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Hi @jacki.damm,

I’m totally with you - keys build my confidence that I’m interpreting the question and content in a way that is appropriate to the course. Even as someone who’s been working on this a while, it helps contextualize the depth of the assignment and understand when it is not appropriate to go down a rabbit hole! So, a good thing to have from both sides.

When you find yourself in this situation, the fastest way to get this request to the curriculum team is to write or to fill out a support ticket at Could you please put in a request for the missing keys? When I work through content, I will do the same.

One of my better students could not do Unit 2 Lesson 3 Practice 7 and wrote “the team” who said “ask your teacher!?” LMAO!

Are there answer keys in CSA? I’m sorry, I’m new and I need all sorts of help: emotional, psychological, intellectual, housing lol

Gah! A few thoughts:
I believe the reason they said “ask your teacher” is that the keys are all behind the approved teacher firewall. They wouldn’t hand a key out to a student because that goes against their protocol, and the goal would be for a student to reach out to their teacher about it.

If you are looking for an example solution, you should be able to find it on the level by clicking on “For Teachers Only” in the right menu bar. This will show you a link to the exemplar. I believe the one below is for U2 L3 Level 7 of CSA:

Best of luck!

Awesome and concise ! Thanks!