Screen Directions (Do This)

Is there a listing of all the Do This instructions in a google document for Units 2 and 3?

The Browser window on my students chrome books does not consistently open or resize easily. Often, when trying to make the instructions window larger moving the arrow does not release, the window shrinks. Or the scroll bar on the right does not appear.

This is especially frustrating for some of my LD students. At the moment, i am having to retype the directions for each lesson.

If this has already been compiled,I would appreciate the time saver.

Thank you.

I can’t find anything that has all of the “do this” entries in one place, but if you go to the unit and select “Teacher Resources”, then “All Resources”. This includes all of the slide decks for the unit. The slide decks include slides that have the “do this” entries written out. You might even be able to display it in the room as students work their way through the bubbles. Here is the Unit 2 version: