Share Your Rubric for Assessing Computer Models

Share a link to your rubric for assessing a computer model. Check back to see what others have posted and what ideas you have in common.

here is the link to my rubric draft.
I couldn’t get into the ECS assessments so I made my own

Here is the link to my rubric:

I didn’t see the link… Here it is.

The link to my rubric is below:
Diverse Learners Rubric

I didn’t realize that I wasn’t supposed to make the rubric on the last question, so it is again! :slight_smile:

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test over SLNOVA.docx (11.5 KB)

I just change the instructions for the level I need since I am teaching 6-8.

Here’s my quick and dirty rubric. I imagine I would make it more specific, given more time.

Small Group Rubrics - CODE.docx (139.7 KB)

Attached is my rubric - I might have posted on the wrong page

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Codeorgrubric.docx (16.4 KB)

Definitely a draft - after working on it, I think my rubric should be more broad but I do want to identify what specific coding skills students were able to learn.

BTW thanks kndoyle - I liked the format of your rubric and used it in my own.

Here is a rough rubric for the model. I cannot post the IB design rubrics here.

Here is my rubric.
Chemical Reactions Rubric.pdf (10.5 KB)

Code Rubric.docx (13.7 KB)

My rubric can be found at:


Computer Based Modeling Rubric.docx (108.2 KB)

Here is a rough draft of a rubric that I am generating. It is still a work in progress.
Computer Science Rubric.pdf (64.8 KB)