Stop text input from showing suggestions or history

My students are working on their Create Task to submit to AP and their videos are showing suggested or past entries when they are using a text input. Since there shouldn’t be any personal information (like school or names) on the AP video, is there a way to turn off “input history” or “input suggestions” for a text input box?

@terri.kurtz You may need to clear the browser’s history and cache to remove the text input history. Clearing will be different based on the type of browser being used.

Please let us know if you have other concerns.

My student has same issue. We cleared cache on chromebook and google chrome browser…name still shows as suggestion. we think the name is saved on the site since even going to new chromebook and logging in with the credentials, the name is still suggested.

Could you please provide more detail as to where this is happening? Maybe share a link.