Stroke and StrokeWeight



These two concepts are introduced in Unit 3 Lesson 3 video but the programming blocks are not available for student use. I had the students practice these concepts by writing code. I them noticed they are also not a part of the codes or commands for the unit.


Wow! I looked through the lessons and it looks like it you don’t get stroke color until Lesson 5, but I still didn’t see stroke weight. Interesting… maybe put in a bug report.


Sorry but I don’t easily see where to submit a bug report


You can type in “strokeWeight(size)” in lesson 3. The noStroke() block is first introduced in lesson 4. If you hover over the block and click on the pop-up “see examples”, you will see the GameLab Documentation for noStroke() and in the list you will find strokeWeight(). I searched several lessons and did not see when it is a block in the drawing tools.


To report a bug, click on the stack next to your name and you will see the link.


Hey @slooowlearner, you’re entirely right that the videos and lessons are out of sync. Based on early feedback to this unit we made some changes to the concepts that are introduced in those lessons which led to the inconsistency. It’s an error we intend to fix on our next pass through that unit, but right now most of our curriculum attention is on doing a clean-up of Units 4-6. I hope it hasn’t created to much disruption. We know a lot of students benefit from the videos and we didn’t want to get rid of them based on a couple inconsistencies.

Hope that helps explain things but let us know if we can help more!