Student can't get the faucet and running water to appear where she wants it

What I expect to happen: student can’t get the faucet and running water to appear where she wants it above the sink. I suggested different y coordinates for some reason she said it didn’t work.
What actually happens: Stays where it is
What I’ve tried: different y coordinates

Hi @sherry.wood,

I believe some of the water sprite is behind the sink sprite so it isn’t showing until it is below the sink. If you move the water sprite (var water = createSprite(180, 192); ) to below the sink sprite, it will show any changes made to the y position. When placing sprites, the ones placed first (or higher) in the code are behind sprites placed later in the code.
Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much! Can you move text on the x axis?

You bet!
Do you mean animate across the x-axis (so move across the screen left to right)? If yes - then YES:) Use the counter pattern in the x position for the text similarly to how you animate a sprite across the x axis. One pretty easy way to accomplish this is to create a variable that is the current x position of the text like txtX. Then in the x position of the text block, add a number (for how fast you wish it to animate across) to the variable using the counter pattern. So it might look like: text(“Hello”, txtX=txtX + 3, 65); . Make sure to add a background at the top of the function draw.