Student Names - Teacher Panel

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to change the student’s name in the teacher panel to be ordered by last name? It would make my life so much easier if the order matched my gradebook especially with 120 kids!


Hi @lwilliams1,

I’m not sure of a way to re-sort them in the dashboard, but you can download assessments & surveys as a CSV. It’s not a perfect solution & doesn’t cover the regular levels, but at least it’s something.

I’m hoping someone else in the community has found a trick that I haven’t, so that we can solve this problem for you.

–Michael K.

Thanks for your reply. That is what I thought. I am hoping that perhaps it is something that can add to a new update.


Since the roster is sorted on the display name, a workaround for this is – ask students to go to “Account Settings” and change their display name to their “Last Name, Initial”. You, as the teacher, can also change their display names under 'Manage Students" and editing them one by one. This will not change their username or process for logging in.


Hope this helps!


Thank you I will try it

@AndreaR, thanks for the tip. I tried changing the student names in my sample section and couldn’t figure out how – but I just tried it again & figured out you can click the gear wheel to edit them all at once.

–Michael K.


My Gradebook allows me to sort by first or last name - so I just change the order in my gradebook - that’s my solution!