Student not seeing all levels in Unit 3

One student in my class can no longer see levels 8, 9, 10 in Unit 3. No other students have this problem. Any ideas? Help!

Check what version of the curriculum the student is using. Are they in the correct section where you have unlocked the lessons? If these tips don’t help, then reach out to and give them the student details so they can look at what is going on.

Thanks for the reply @bhatnagars. I forgot to mention that she initially did see levels 1-10 and completed all the work. But now, when she goes back to Unit 3 she sees only levels 1-7. As a teacher I can see her work in levels 8-10…but she just doesn’t see those levels. Very strange!

Strange indeed! Ask the student to contact support. She can do so by clicking on the ? on the top right and choosing Help and Support.

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