Student progress page Discovery

I am new to teaching discovery I am struggling with keeping up with where my students are at in the lesson. The only way I can watch their progress is to continuously refresh my browser page. This is been very challenging as my expectation was that it would be in time with my student progress. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is that just the way the program works at this point? I appreciate your help.
Tim Neuberger

Hi @tneuber,

Welcome to CS Discoveries! At this time, this is the only way you can monitor students’ progress in real time. The Code Studio tools were designed several years ago, well before anyone could have envisioned such a widespread need for virtual learning. I encourage you to submit a feature request at but I’m not sure how feasible a real-time update would be on the back end.

If you’re new to CS Discoveries, please consider applying for CS Discoveries professional development this summer. Many regional partners have grants or scholarships to cover partial or even full tuition, and many teachers find the yearlong support invaluable.

–Michael K.