Student Question: What next?

I am graduating high school and have taken CS Principles, what can I do on my own to further my skills?

Glad to hear you are interested in more CS. You could take online lessons and learn programming in Python or Java. You could also look into w3schools for web design and javascript lessons.

Hi @llangehaug1!

Awesome that you’re thinking ahead. :slight_smile: You’re referring specifically to furthering your skills in CS?

If so, @bhatnagars gave some great tips. Do you have a certain area of interest at the moment you’d like to start with? For example, web development, data science, UX design, machine learning, cybersecurity, etc.? If not, totally cool too.

If you do have a particular interest, follow up and I might know specific resources. Otherwise, general starting places off the top of my head would be free courses on Udacity (don’t mind the microcredentials - most individual courses are free) or Free Code Camp. There’s tons more out there, but it might depend on your area of concentration.


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Student is interested in Avionics. He wants to know coding sites that might help prepare him for his future in this field.

Hi @llangehaug1,

Unfortunately I don’t know of avionics-specific resources. However, I think the general resources I pointed out should still be helpful for the student.