Student's code crashes computer - Unit 3 Lesson 21 - bad account?


When I ran her code (shared the link above) on my computer yesterday, it crashed my computer–locked everything up, I had to restart, etc. I’m not seeing anything major in the code to cause this. We’ve tried multiple computers and the same thing happens. Is there a way to reset her account on that Unit? Is there something in her code causing this malfunction? Anyone have any tips?! Thanks! (PS I would LOVE there to be a number we could call for Code Technical Support! For instance, my yearbook company has this service!)

Okay, she copied and pasted her code, created a new account and it works fine! Therefore, we think her account is messed up?? How do we fix that?!?


First off, I really like the suggestion for a hotline of sorts, but right now, I think the forum is serving that purpose. Second, if her account seems to be the issue, then I would submit a bug report. You can access that through your own account or better through her account that is having the trouble. This will tag the bug report directly to the account that is demonstrating the problem.