Submitting Lesson Assignments


Does anyone know if there is a place for students to submit responses to questions of a particular unit? We just completed lesson 1 Problem Solving. My students responded to the questions on paper but is there a way they can put their response in the computer so I can monitor?


Which course are you teaching? I assume you are referring to Computer Science Discoveries (which has unit 1 Problem Solving)?

Also, which questions are you referring to? Questions on the Activity Guides? If so, the Activity Guides are available as Google Docs and if you’re familiar with Google Classroom, you might want to check out this blog post (with accompanying link to a support article at the end of it) about integrating and Google Classrom: integration with Google Classroom

You can also have students make copies of the Activity Guides onto their own Google Drives, then type in responses and share their documents with your account.