Supplemental Coding Activity to Review Unit 3 material


I started Unit 4 before break and have progressed through the first 4 lessons. It seems (to me) to be a good time to review some of the coding concepts the students learned in Unit 3, so I created a supplemental activity before we progress on to the privacy and cryptography concepts in the 2nd half of Unit 4.

"Write a program that replicates the album art of Pink Floyd’s seminal album “Dark Side of the Moon” (see image below).

Take advantage of abstractions to simplify your code. Your implementation should include at least one instance of iteration as well as two or more instances of functions that have one or more parameters.

You will be working in pairs using “Pair Programming” practices. Remember that in Pair Programming, one programmer assumes the "driver" role and will be the only one allowed to use the mouse and keyboard to write the code while the second programmer acts as a "navigator", keeping track of the big picture, catching errors, and making suggestions. Programmers communicate throughout the process. The students in each pair will switch roles after the 30 minutes.

Write your program in App Lab on Name your app “Programming Project Pink Floyd” and use the Project Template that is available on the classroom OneNote in the Unit 4 tab. At the top of the project template, be sure to include both names of the programmers working together on the project.

You do not need to turn in the project anywhere. I will find it using my dashboard. However, I will only be looking for files named “Programming Project Pink Floyd” so please adhere to this naming convention.

You are NOT allowed to move about in the room. Please stay in your seats and work with your partner at the desks you have been assigned. You are NOT allowed to listen to your own personal music. This is a PAIR programming project and these behaviors inhibit effective communication."

See attached Word Document.

Very fun activity for the kids and it had the benefit of being a great review of Unit 3 coding concepts.


Pink Floyd - Programming Project.docx (87.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing this resource, Russell!

Teacher solution:

Rubric attached.
Project - Rubric - Pink Floyd Programming Project.docx (27.2 KB)


Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing all of this!