Supporting 7th Grader Who is Developmentally at 2nd Grade Level


Posting on behalf of a teacher who wants to respect their students’ privacy…

We’re looking for ideas on supporting a 7th grade student whose Special Ed teacher says is developmentally at a 2nd grade level and has a ~5 second attention span. Let’s call him Leonard to personalize this. (Fake name chosen at random.)

The class is 3 weeks into a new quarter with a fresh group of 7th graders. So far they’ve done chapter 1 of Unit 1 and up through Unit 2, Lesson 8 (Clean Code & Debugging).

Leonard has a one-on-one aide who has been giving him typing tasks during my class. The only CSD activities he has participated in were the Aluminum Boat activity and the When Does Your Privacy Matter? activity.

Current Plans
Due to various obstacles, it took 2 weeks for the teacher to learn about Leonard’s developmental status. The teacher currently hopes to introduce Leonard to some of the CS Fundamentals resources after the Thanksgiving break, but only has experience with CS Discoveries and CS Principles so far.

I note that another post suggested the Hour of Code materials. At a quick glance, Course C seems to start off similarly to HoC. Are there other suggests out there for this teacher?


I teach disabled students and have used hour of code, but after reading your post and looking at the courses, I agree course “C” would be a good fit. I have also enrolled some in the prereader course.