Swipe Event in Game Lab

Is it possible to code a swipe event in App Lab?

The swipe event is mentioned in the video in CSD Unit 4 Lesson 12-2.

Again, @david.vance, this is a feature that would be nice. Not sure what it would look like on a non-touch screen device, but I don’t think it’s currently available in App Lab. You can submit feature requests by e-mailing support@code.org.


Hi there @david.vance,

I did some digging and it appears that there’s not currently a swipe command in JavaScript but somebody found a workaround to that. It’s not perfect and not all of the code they use is in the App Lab library, but this may be enough to inspire students’ creativity if they really want to be able to swipe.

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–Michael K.

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Thank you for the help on this. It would be great if Code.org would put this in App Lab, of course. Swiping is one of the first few features students want (other than being “native” apps that don’t require an Internet connection) when they are doing their quick judgement on an app development tool.

Hi @nicholsonl,

I agree that would be a great addition! Please feel free to submit a feature request to make sure the right people know this is something teachers are asking for.

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Thank you. I think I added this in the feature request section.

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