Teaching Computer Science: Your Plans

  • Goal is to finish the CS Algebra course. The resources will help keep the class more organized.
  • Seeing the connection students make with CS and Algebra.
  • Every class has a ‘math hater’ or two. However, with the obvious connection with CS, I look forward to changing their overall outlook about math.
  • I don’t have any specific questions. However, I have always believed that two brains are better than one.

Goals? I have three different section of 6th graders. Two of them meet essentially once a week and the other meets three times a week. I want to try to CS in Algebra course with the once/week classes and the CS in Science course with the other group.
Excited? I am excited to be able to make more direct connections to the core content while also teaching my kids about coding. I think it will be a refreshing new curriculum for both classes that will keep them engaged in their learning throughout the year while also teaching them an invaluable skill for their future.
Challenges? Our campus is an IB campus, so I need to find a way to tailor the Code.org lessons into an IB format. I will also need to find a way to occasionally include the technology standards that are not covered with the Code. org curriculum during the year.
Questions? Is there a way we can create a district network of sorts to support each other as we work through this our first year? I know there were several of us at the workshop this summer, but we never really had the chance to get each others contact information.

I plan on using the design recipe. Other than that, it’s pretty much like other people here have stated.

I plan on using code.org a a way of introducing my students to coding. I’'m super excited!

The training for CS Algebra has really been such a great experience to prepare me for implementing the curriculum and my goals for the students. My goal will be to have my students familiar with coding and excited to dive deeper into computer science. I am most excited to work with the students on the Design Recipe. A challenge I foresee is students wanting more and running out of time!

I am excited to use the Design Recipe and circles of evaluation in teaching my 6th grade students math this year. I think they will really enjoy using code.org to make their video game and implement some of the skills they are learning in class. I plan to have students pair up to enable them to practice teamwork and and professionalism with each other. I am thankful that my students have the opportunity to learn Computer Science so that some day they will be able to become successful as adults in a competitive work force.

This year I plan to use CS in Algebra at the beginning of the year for my 6-8th graders. For enrichment I will have the students who are ahead do some programming in Scratch with algebra that will prepare them for more advanced CS skills. For instance, I will challenge some students to make a program that will decide if a number is prime. My 5th grade students will work on the course 2 in Code.org and learn to use Scratch.

I’m excited to introduce and teach Computer Science in Algebra to my 8th Grade computer class this year. I will work with their Algebra teacher to implement it at the optimum time to help with her class. I will also use the pairing students so they will learn that there are advantages to being able to working together.

My goal is to have all of my 8th graders become proficient with the design recipe. I like the fact that the recipe makes students define what they have, what they need, and what they want to get out of a program.
I’m just excited to have another resource to help reach students and have a different way of explaining things.
My challenges will be that this is new to them and me and I will be struggling along with them - on the other hand, it’s better that way.

I am excited that my district paid for so many other teachers to be trained with code so that I will have others to work with as I integrate this into my classroom. I can’t imagine doing this all by myself! I am excited to use the design recipe with my students as well as introducing evaluation blocks to them.

I am planning to start my Algebra classes reviewing order of operations by using the evaluation blocks. I am also going to start the students in the classes offered by code.org. I would also like my 8th grade students to become proficient in the Design Recipe. My challenges will be that this is so new to me.

I am super excited to use this in our integrated math class. Our kids love using technology and I truly believe that CS in Algebra will be a great way to hook them in. I plan on using it as an extension to many of our lessons and building on it throughout the year.

The design recipe is still what I’m most excited about! Just this morning, I was tutoring a college student in an Algebra class, and the design recipe would have fit in beautifully if we had a little more time to work!

I’d love to integrate the design recipe into my online Algebra class. I can see the great benefits of using it to help the kids understand the purpose of functions and the different components of functions.

One of my goals is for students to persevere and keep trying. Having them work in partners on the puzzles should give them the opportunity to problem solve together, communicate their ideas and encourage each other. I am worried about how our computers will work for the students. MM

I am grateful that we came as school teams to the training so we can support each other through this new learning. I think that the design recipe will be extremely helpful while teaching 8th graders. I look forward to using this right away. I am a tad concerned about the fact that many kids have been exposed to coding the last two years in their art/tech classes so they may know more than me…which is fine, but I don’t want them to get bored.

My biggest concern is having time to learn and teach code while meeting my other numerous responsibilities

My plan for code is to assist the teachers with implementation of code

My plan is to teach the Algebra course this year with my 8th grade honors students. Time is my biggest concern. We have about 43 minutes per class and we can rarely get through our required curriculum during the year so i am trying to figure out how I can incorporate this without losing content time. I am most excited about the change of pace it offers from the traditional math class and the gratification students will get when they solve a puzzle, test it and it works!

I am in the same situation as wadc_lawrenc My students are in 7th grade Algebra honors. I am a little worried about the time frame we have to work with and trying to get through all of the curriculum, but I am really excited about this program. The students will definitely enjoy it. I have told the students that we would be completing this program at open house and many students expressed their excitement to use algebra to code or to create a video game in their student contact information questionnaire.

I am teaching this in an 8th grade technology class. We have only gone through one or two lessons and the students are already really excited. They are already talking about trying to sell their game on the apps store!