Teaching Computer Science: Your Plans


My classroom goals are to include CS in all subjects.
I am excited to see how the program provides stronger relational understanding in algebra.
I think that this will change the order I introduce some of the curriculum.


I plan on creating my class on code.org early in the school year. I will use the code.org teacher dashboard to regularly monitor their progress and allow them to see their own progress. I’m very excited to have such a strong system of accountability and progress monitoring. I want to know how other teachers are incorporating code.org into their regular curriculum.


This year will be the first time I have used code studio in the classroom. I plan to use it for enrichment for students and also hope to teach a section this spring in our advisory time, which is used for intervention or enrichment opportunities for students. My biggest concern is having consistent access to devices.


What are your goals for your classroom? How will CS or code.org resources help you meet those goals?

I have a goal to make sure my students can solve problems and persevere through frustration. I think that CS in Algebra really gives students another way to think about problem-solving, and another way to approach problems.

I also have a goal to get my students to recognize the importance of math concepts in a variety of contexts, and a goal to have students be able to use order of operations correctly.

What are you most excited about when it comes to implementing some of these resources?

I am really excited about teaching students the design recipe as it applies to coding and to math.

What challenges do you foresee in trying to meet your goals? Time is always in short supply, and my biggest challenge is always to fit experiences and materials into the time I have
What questions do you have that this community might help you answer?
Where exactly in Algebra do you do this unit.


I am excited to begin using Code.org in my grade 8 classes–especially using he contract and design recipe. I am also looking forward to having partners work together in order to reach solutions to difficult problems.

Question: What are some systems people have used to keep track of partnerships and progress when only one of the partners is logged on or when some partners are absent. Do you create accounts that are shared by partners or an account for each student?


My goal is to introduce basic elements of coding to my students to get them interested in taking more Computer Science classes in the future. CS in Algebra is a fun way to make both math & CS more interesting to students through making small computer games


This year my goal is to try to introduce my sixth graders to some basic computer programing. I especially want to teach them about blocks for order of operations.

The more challenging topics in code.org will be a continued learning opportunity for me. I am looking forward to continuing to improve my knowledge with coding.


My goal is to teach CS during my Math period. CS or code.org resources will help me meet my goal by guiding my instruction through lesson plans.

I’m excited to see if my students understand the higher concepts; such as, condition statements or else statements.

One challenge I foresee is with my special education students. I have never taught coding to special education students; now I’m going to be integrating coding into my Algebra class.


This is my first time and I am struggling to understand.
I teach 6th grade math and my plan is to start with the very basic code instruction with my students, educate myself further throughout the school year and then create an after school group next year for those still interested.
It’s hard to be excited over something that i am struggling with myself.

  1. My goal is to enrich my math students’ learning. I hope to use code.org to expand the minds of my advanced students.

  2. I want my students to have a better understanding of basic algebraic concepts.

  3. Time an resources will be a challenge for implementing this program.


Share with us:
• What are your goals for your classroom? How will CS or code.org resources help you meet those goals?
My goal general goal is for at least 90% of our students in the school will learn how to code.
Specific Goal:

  1. To teach the students how to code to create their own games.
  2. To improve their math scores.
  3. To increase the number of students who will enroll in computer science club.
  4. To have a computer science night to present the work of the students to the community.

• What are you most excited about when it comes to implementing some of these resources?
I am excited how the code.org resources will help me motivate my students to come up with great games and enjoy coding.
• What challenges do you foresee in trying to meet your goals?
• Students will not be able to participate in the program due to transportation issue (for afterschool club)…
• What questions do you have that this community might help you answer?
• If ever during teaching I encountered problems in the lesson, is this community willing to assist me how to solve the problem?


Goals: To increase use of technology in a STEM classroom and expose students to elements of computer science that teach them new skills and exercise the brain in new ways.
Most Exciting: I get to learn along with the students! I feel I am completing professional development that is making me a stronger educator and a better STEM teacher.
Challenges: Differentiation, making all students are engaged since pacing will be different for some students. Time management…making sure the lessons flow well on a block schedule.
Addtl. Questions: Ways other teachers might incorporate this in their science classes to help support the math programs at their schools.


I will definitely use the pair tutoring. Both to help the students interact and share ideas and to make sure we have enough computers in the room. I also need to improve my own understanding of the code.org lessons because I’m super new at this.


My goal initially is to get things introduced and simply make it through. I have struggled with the 2nd online phase of this programming, and I feel a little lost with many things. I want students to understand the basics of this programming, but I see a challenge in students wanting to give up or wanting me to solve problems for them. Since I am only a step ahead, this could be a huge obstacle. I am certainly willing to try to get things going. I am going to start with my 8th graders and make it a unit of study as we work through our curriculum.


I plan to implement the design recipe and circles of evaluation throughout the year. My primary focus for students will be after students have completed standardized assessments. The challenges I foresee are time and staying on pace with the curriculum/pacing guide. Limited access to technology is also an issue. I’m excited about the student’s response to the program. One question is should I follow the same order the presenters used during the 3 day training with my students?


I am excited to implement code,org in my Algebra 1 middle school classroom. As I experienced during PD, I think that this will really support their study of order of operations and problem solving in general.

I plan to get students started next week!


I hope to start my Algebra class with the evaluation blocks to review order of operations. I hope to try to focus on the design recipe so my students have a path to follow in terms of how to problem solve. My challenges will be time as we have an exit exam at the end of the year and lots of material to cover.


I want my students to become proficient using the design recipe since that is the biggest problem for nearly all of my students…writing an algorithm from a word problem. The format given seems to be a structured method that will aid in math and any computer programming, which will be new to them, and hopefully pique their interest. My biggest challenge is overcoming the fact that I will be learning it right along with them, and not necessarily be the expert.


This will be my first year working with coding. I find the new language somewhat overwhelming so I know that it will also be for my students. After seeing the tutorial videos, I now have more confidence with implementing. However, I plan to keep in mind to be patient with students as they progress.


plan to implement in quarter 2. will use CS4all / code.org materials like unplug activities to prep students. this is exciting since students think it is a game and they are making games. challenges are diverse learners and students getting frustrated when couldn’t get things to work. questions will be whether cross campus exchange/collaboration will be possible and if that is beneficial.