Teaching conditionals

Hola nuevamente Magdalena This concept could also be used with color play. They are given color cards and while playing a melody, a roulette wheel with the colors is turned and depending on the color they remain still without the other participating colors running out of motion and then the concept worked is discussed.

Condicionales: Creo que podríamos explicarlo de que es una forma de dar otra opción al no hacer o tener lo que queremos.

I would relate it to monopoly or choosing board game pieces. You have your favorite color that you try to get whenever you play. But if someone else takes that color or your favorite piece, you’re willing to have a different color or character. When I would play monopoly with my sister, she would choose the race car first before I got a chance to choose. So “if (sister chooses first) then (I pick top hat) else (I pick race car)”.