Teaching events


Its a good idea. I will use it too


For events i think the students would undertand it perfectly since they already respond to events so well. When I stand in the front of the classroom (at the beginning of the class( they know they must stay seated quietly; when the bell rings, it’s time for recess; when I call them to get in line, it’s time to go back to class; etc


I like the ideas shared by others in this thread for EVENTS. I like the idea of relating it to video games or apps they may be familiar with. Nothing happens without events! It could also be tied in to classroom expectations and consequences for EVENTS and responses to EVENTS. Also my attention getter call-out which we use all year is an excellent example, e.g. I say WE ARE - they say 5TH GRADE! Then all is quiet & eyes are on me.


Mark’s idea is awesome! If you give a. . . . books are so popular with students because of the events/triggers in them. I also love the idea of using literature to tie to computer science (as a K-5 librarian)!


Teaching events seems a little different from things I’ve learned when I took computer science courses back in the 1980’s; with that said, I love how the lesson breaks it up using the remote. I also, like the example of using a mouse or the arrows to control “events”. I believe I would teach this by first using the mouse as as example (using some kind of clicking game online); making sure to note that the event is the actual clicking of the mouse. Then I would find a game using the arrows. Again, noting that the hitting of the arrow keys are the events. Then I would move onto the remote control as a classroom activity.


What the different between events and conditional? I still confused at this need help


I dont know what the different between event and conditional