Test Corrections

Thoughts on test corrections?

Can anyone share their process/any resources they use for corrections?


Oh, and I’m also trying to gauge what’s fair as far as points returned?

I’m leaning towards allowing corrections because I feel like it would help them learn the concepts, I’m just unsure as to what’s the ideal process for corrections so that they actually gain knowledge from their corrections and what is fair for points given back since of course this is an after-the-fact mistake correction… If I gave 50% of points back for example a student who scored a 80 would now be at a 90% A, I don’t think it would be fair to a student who studied and payed attention/asked questions first time so they got an A…

Hi @yanet.cabrera ,

When I was in the classroom, I regularly used test corrections as part of my routine. I had a form where the student redid the work including a written explanation supporting their new answer. They could explain why they got it wrong or show work to support the correct answer. If it was multiple choice, they had to write what misconception lead to each wrong answer. If the reason was ‘I did not study’, they had to describe what concept they did not study. If the answer was correct and the explanation sufficient, I would give back 50% of the credit lost per question with no opportunity for partial credit. I chose not to focus on the ones who will game the system (no matter what) because it took my energy away from the ones who benefitted from the additional support. Ultimately, I asked myself – if they learned the concept does it matter when they demonstrated they learned it? For the part of the world I could control, it didn’t. My hope was the process encouraged the development of study skills even if it was after the fact.

Best, Andrea


I used a similar process, because the real goal was learning. Without the grade boost students would never go back to learn what they didn’t know on a previous assessment. Students soon recognized that they had to work harder after the assessment to get half the points.

I also had a process for them to turn it in and when I graded it, otherwise it could be a paperwork nightmare.

Hi Cecilia,
Would you mind sharing that process?
Thanks so much!