Tests grading themselves

At our Last PD, some of us were interested in how we could give assessments that would self grade. A colleagues mentioned “Exam View” to me. I have not explored it yet but wanted to get the information to you just in case you get to explore it before me.

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Thanks for sharing this information!

If you have not recently looked at Google Forms - Quiz format, you ought to. I have found it to be quite easy to convert (one question at a time) a word document test to G form. I have also used it to give Free Response questions. Extra credit may also be given by assigning no point value to a question at the time of building, then after students have taken the test on the form, go back and assign points out of zero (Ex: 5/0).

A second thought on self grading tests. Google forms can quite easily be used as a separate answer document. Simply put numbers for questions and answer choices A, B, C, D, … If by chance an error is discovered in the key after students have taken the test, simply change the key and the students’ tests are rescored.

I use Google forms as well for assessments and find them to very convenient!