Textboxes created when i didn't put them there

When I was coding a project on app lab, i saw some weird boxes on the screen. I hovered over them and they were all called “null” On the drop down for the items for the screen there was only one null (The one I had selected). It seemed some of them were layered on top of them. Can you please find the reason for this and fix it?

To the project
U will see a bunch of boxes u can’t do anything with
(I deleted most of them tho)

Also note these boxes have no width or height yet you can still see them. They are transparent like labels but you can press enter to make a new line witch they cant do.

And also i Just saw when i drag the null things it also shows in the toolbox but when I am not doing it i cant see them. But i can still drag them out of the toolbox??? :question: :question: :question: :question: help me

Here is a pic

On the id drop down there is about 70 “Null”

Hi @Aiden,

That’s really weird… I’ve never seen that before. It’s not supposed to do that, as far as I know. Definitely something wrong since there shouldn’t be any elements with the same id (or in this case, I guess a missing id).

I recommend contacting support at support@code.org . You’ve included some great info here that I’m sure will help them troubleshoot, so you should include the same info in your email or link to this post from your email.