ID Null - Weird Design Screen - Help



I am wondering if this is a problem. One student in the process of the Create PT has had this happen to 2 of her 6 screens.

The design had these dotted lines around the images and all of the ids have changed to null.

  1. Can I help with this as it is a technical problem?

  2. Can I not help with this as it due to something she has done in the design/coding?


I have never seen that happen. If it’s a technical problem or a tool problem you can help. I would send this to and ask them. It’s best if you include the share link from the program in the email.



Have sent an email to support as well. Just wondering if we could troubleshoot it here as teachers. Especially as there is not long until the deadline for my students and this is towards the end of this students project.


Hi Glenn,
Thanks for reporting this! I’ll follow-up with you on your support ticket. If anyone else is reading this and encountering a similar issue, please contact us at so we can collect some additional information to troubleshoot the problem.

Ryan Sloan
Product Manager