The HTML Song -Drake's Hotline Bling


Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to lighten up the class. They were having so much fun in Unit 1 with all the group activities and games. When I introduced HTML Tags, the class became so caught up in learning all the new syntax. It’s just a few HTML tags. I guess for 12-13 year old kids that is a lot to take in. I am definitely using this today. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this. Definitely a fun and great resource.

Love it - thanks! I will be using this to introduce Lesson 3.

This video is perfect. I will be using this video tomorrow in my lessons. Thank you

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This is awesome…I love it!

Thank you for sharing! What middle school kid woduln’t get a kick out of this?

Thanks for sharing. It is very fun to have more CS parody songs in the classroom, to activate the kids(especially in the last period). :wink:


This is genius. I am really struggling to get my kids on board and focused on this unit. I skipped past Unit 1, but am thinking about going back because perhaps the “why” these lessons are important is covered there. Thank you for this awesome resource! Engagement is key!

Thanks for sharing! This will definitely help engagement. It also helped me…the term “bracketed” vs. “less than and greater than signs”.