Traversals Resources

I’m about to start Unit 5 Lesson 9 (Traversals). In the lesson plans, it says “To help you more easily prepare the activity and keep track of your instructions, detailed instructions have been included as speaker notes in the presentation.” I feel like I’ve read this in other lessons, and have never found these speaker notes. Every slide says “add speaker notes here”. Is there something I’m missing, or did intend to put them in, but forgot?

I just can’t wrap my head around these lesson plans and how they will play out in class. I did the card activity the last two years, and that made sense. This traversal machine makes sense in concept, but seems like a lot of work to do digitally.

So if anyone could let me know if 1. if there are detailed notes anywhere? and 2. any insight in to how the digital traversal machine worked out in class… Thanks!

The digital version is a bit fiddly in that if you click on the wrong thing and move it the illusion is burst.

I am going into unit 5 next. I would be inclined to type some code into App Lab, add a watcher on i, set a break point on the first statement in the for loop, and turn the speed down. In the console you can type i < list.length or temps[i] and get an answer.

I did lesson 9 today. My observations: I had them open the digital manipulative to visualize it checking one at a time, but it didn’t work to USE. Like you said, if you grab the wrong part, it doesn’t work, and it didn’t. So the one slide shows a video of how the paper one worked, so I told them to visualize what they’re supposed to get out of it. Also, if I were you, I’d change the partner activity that asks for the animals that start with the letter “a” to something like “c” because NO ONE in my first class put down an animal that started with an “a”. That’s just not common. Second class it worked better with a different letter.

I have not taught this lesson yet but I just looked at it. I have the same concerns. I also would like to hear ideas on teaching this in a virtual setting.

In the actual lesson plan there are detailed notes of what to say.

I taught this virtually with my students on Microsoft Teams and had them use the digital manipulatives that were linked on the lesson modifications page.

Thanks. I finally figured out that the speaker notes they were referring to were the lesson plans. I kept looking IN the presentation speaker notes, which didn’t exist. I’ve now done lessons 9, 10 & 11. We didn’t really use the digital manipulative more than just a visual, and then I referenced it.