Trouble with Link to Pew Research

I am working on Lesson Plan for U4L3 and tried to open the link provided for the Report from Pew Research. It opens their website but only provides a summary/abstract on the report. Not sure if it is a temporary error or something more but in box where I expect to see the slides I get is currently unreachable error. Anyone else having same problem or is there an alternate link?


Sorry for the delayed response! I am seeing the slides - are you seeing them now? Do you typically have issues with your school blocking things? I wonder if it could be a school issue???

I can see them either.

The slideshare site appears to be blocked by our district network. Is it possible to get the slide share in some sort of movie format?

One of my students dug around and found this if it helps.

Thanks, I will let staff know.

I found a path when I went directly to Pew Research and searched under presentations and 2015. It appeared to be same link but it worked fine from my school computer and when I embedded the link in slides. Haven’t had links blocked from in past so didn’t think that was it. Today I went back and tried the link in the Activity Guide again and it appears to be working. Thanks for all the suggestions and hope it is now working for others also…

Hello! Glad to hear that it’s working for you now, @jreilly2016. I have checked the links to the report, and it appears that Slideshare is the only place where the slides are hosted. We will keep an eye on it in the future - please report back if you are blocked from accessing it again.