U1 Day 11-14: PD Discussion Topic


This would be the time to incorporate our building tech guy and his updated equipment to show the kids some of the interesting things that can be done. I agree that it would have been a great unit to cover in training. Especially I have come into this without any previous computer experience.


I haven’t gotten to this lesson yet, but it will be up in the air, as I do not have any working computers in my classroom, so even thinking about software, at this time, is null.


Im getting an error message when I try to upload my image that new users cannot upload. Did anyone else experience that? Thx Jennifer



NVM I got it uploaded.


I plan to have the students create 3-D printable objects using Blender.
Paint.net is a good free alternative to Photoshop.


This lesson really relates to the idea of pixels. The students will come to the realization that graphics have come a long way. The idea of drawing a square on a screen was revolutionary at one point. In knowing where graphics have come from, students will appreciate what they’re accustomed to. In addition, the coordinate system will prepare them for translating objects around the screen in any type of game they would create.


I tried uploading my image and I received a message several times that new users can not upload.
It took me several attempts to make a half decent product. I wish it had been covered in PD. As for resources, I am not sure what my school currently has, but I can always find free online software.


I do not have a picture design as of yet but I have used pixlr many times. This is a great way to enhance images. I especially like both pixlr and photoshop (I am a basic user of photoshop) because as pixels are expanded, they can be easily adjusted as clear images. I will post a picture soon.


We have various academies within our school therefore I will assign students to either create an image symbolizing their specific academy or have students enhance a design that was created earlier in times that would fit into their academy’s description. I am confident that students will find this activity engaging.


I will use this assignment hopefully to create interest and increase student awareness in data, modeling, and design.


I found the pacific northwest basket weaver application tedious and frustrating to use. When I mistakenly placed a line across my triangles by reversing positive and negative numbers, I was unable to undo the operation. The “remove” option actually cleared the line with beige, deleting part of my previously-done triangle work. The fill-in-the-blanks interface seemed absolutely 1980’s compared to current drag-and-drop technology.

Students might find a 3-D animation package to be much more engaging. Perhaps something on interpolating splines? (Without, of course, using the terminology, but just explaining to students that it can be difficult to fit a smooth curve through arbitrary points)

And as requested, here is my image.


I plan to relate this lesson to Computer Science by sharing with my students that modeling (rendering) is used in many fields and being able to create a model of something before actually creating the real thing can be very helpful. I recently visited an engineering firm’s website and was able to see examples of computer generated structures that they plan to build in the future. I think this will be a relevant example to share with my students.


Fortunately I do have access to Photoshop Elements, but I really would have liked to have done this lesson in the in-person PD. We would have benefited greatly with everyone’s input concerning resources.


I was trying to use Blender software to work on the design.


Again, the 3 videos, combined with the project, will really help the students with bridging the gap between basic modeling they can do and what is going on today in terms of animation and modeling. the bead project, with my very simple project attached, will help the students see how graphing, locations, and math all come together.


This is would be a great lesson to incorporate a data journal for given subject. I think by taking something that students do subconsciously, having them analyze and visualize it, it would be great opportunity to reflection. To make sure they understand the concepts, you coudl have them justify their answers through the use of vocab.


The kids will love this. It’s hard to believe the creativity that can be discovered during a lesson like this.



Thanks for the resources!