U1 Day 11-14: PD Discussion Topic


Students are aware that one dimension of CS is animation and how to do movies using the computer. I would show a short film on how animation is actually produced. I would also do an online research as to what other software programs are available for students to download and use for free on a trial basis.


I liked this lesson, I feel like you could spend a very long time on it. I plan on integrating video game design as well as CAD programs to help visualize this. I also intend to show the similarities between drafting and CAD programs.


weavework.pdf (747.6 KB)

I plan to use this activity to allow students the opportunity to show me their creative side. In addition, it will allow me to assess their ability to trouble shoot problems, their understanding of mathematical quadrants and how their mathematical abilities can translate into visual displays. It will also give me to opportunity to talk with each student as they wrestle with learning how to use new software, etc.


I think this lesson will appeal to the artistic/creative side of students. We have Photoshop but will need to spend some time with the students learning it. Similarly, learning the virtual bead loom take some practice. I will definitely show the videos as they extend the thinking of what computers can do.


I had a lot of fun using photoshop for the 1st time. I plan to create an art project in which students define who they are by creating a photoshop collage of pics. For example, pics of students on vacation, with family, or friends.


This lesson will be a hard one. My school doesn’t have photoshop or CAD. I will need to find a software program and then convince my school to let me use it. Thanks for the ideas in your posts. Our students don’t have a lot of chances to use their creativity as we don’t offer any art classes. I think they will go wild with the opportunity to do something as creative as this. I like the idea of sketching your own symmetric logo (if you don’t want to do a rug or beadwork). There are a lot of examples out there to get them started.


Hi Marci,

I know a bunch of teachers have posted different online free tools for replacing photoshop or a CAD program so take a look around in the forums for ideas. I personally love the online CAD program https://www.tinkercad.com/. Its free and worth a look. It makes 3D models.



I will lead a discussion on how the lesson is related to computer science. What programing would be involved to make this work and find examples of how the 3D virtual world would help in different jobs. Because I have access to Photoshop will will incorporate this into what they are doing. We will start simple and expand from there.


I plan to relate this lesson to the movies and cartoon characters that the student know. I could have the students to draw the characters using Blender and have them to change images using Photoshop. Our school has access to that program.


In our school we are limited by technology, but we do have basic Excel, Power Point and Word. With my math students I have used the rotation function in Microsoft Word to show translations, rotations and slides. IT would not be that much of a step to use many change to create artistic designs similar to the ones found in this lesson.


I’m fighting the same battle but perhaps even Googling examples and showing the students what is possible will at least let them know this world exists so that as they move out of high school they could get into a college course that has access to CAD or Photoshop.


I viewed all three clips and was amazed by their content. I was also confused about what we were to do creatively. I’m not sure how I will use this information in class. It is a bit overwhelming and it comes at an early stage of the class. I would have thought it would be more appropriate for a higher level course.


I really liked the lesson and enjoyed watching the videos. So I believe that my students will also enjoy the videos and seeing the enhancements using technology. Our school does have photoshop but I have really enjoyed seeing the drawings on this forum and I think they relate better to the topic than using photoshop.


I plan to use this lesson to excite my students about how computers can be used to create amazing things. I think my students will not be interested so much in Navajo beads and Alaskan baskets, but the idea is cool. I found, however, that it is not easy to make such elaborate designs!

In my school we do not have access to Photoshop, but you can accomplish a lot with MS Paint!


I can see where my students could get real excited about this lesson…that is… as soon as our computers get updated enough to have the processing power needed to generate and execute these images. This lesson could definitely be used in a cross-platform approach such as mathematics and the computer science approach. This could entice both subjects to be further discovered by the student. As for the image I am to create…stay tuned as it doesn’t seem to be wanting to work correctly.


I am a little NO a lot confused. I do not know why we did not do this in the PD. I need a hands on tutorial.


I think that these lesson are going to hook my students interest in computer science. All of the videos and tools assigned to these lesson are fantastic. I have to learn how to use the Blender and Photoshop before this lesson. After this section in the PD I can see how my team teacher and I can work to getting the CTE certification at our school.


I think my students will be excited to learn how to use this technology. I will have to learn how to use blender before this lesson. I will definitely use the three videos during the lesson to keep students engaged and excited.


Truly, a revolution in design is here. We can intereact from outside the screen with what is the computer’s brain.
No wires are called for. What we are creating in the computer comes directly from our minds. The bomputer’s brain is interacting with ours.


I think it will be a bit of a struggle to make the connection between the bead designs, math and Photoshop. I also anticipate the students becoming somewhat frustrated with the beadloom programs. I plan on using pixlr.com as I do not have access to Photoshop. I think what will hook the students are videos about fashion design, movies and video games. However, I am struggling with how to make that connect to the rest of the content for my students. beadloom.pdf (527.8 KB)