U1 Day 5-7: PD Discussion Topic


I will have students do a web-based scavenger hunt similar to what we did during the summer pd. This was a lot of fun and teaches various ways to search and filter searches for the most accurate or relevant information and how info can be found in the most efficient way. I will then have students utilize a 2.0 type platform to communicate results (like active expressions or socrative, etc. that allows students to input information to “communicate” back with the platform and display results in some way.


Google Docs will be used for them to create a group document to share ideas for how to search.
Students may create a short tutorial on their phone/on the computer on how they search for material. The video will be posted in Google Classroom as part of the assignment.

Keeping students moving through the lesson and not spending too much time on any one thing will help to keep them focused.


I think for the most part this lesson is pretty engaging on its own…Students will be working in groups, they will be evaluating websites together and discussing the pros and cons of the websites. In the resources there was an additional explanation of Meta Data and Directories I think students would find interesting. I plan to challenge my students to explain “Bubble Search” to their parents and have them report back on how the conversation went.


I am going to add things to the scavenger hunt that are specific to our community.


I like the scavenger hunt idea to get them thinking what websites they use to get the answers and what made them think these answers were credible?


I would use the Web 2.0 video and the scavenger hunt in my classroom. Since I’m in a lab, students will be able to work together to find the answers to the scavenger hunt. I will also have students take a look at the Wayback Machine to see how the web has changed over time. Students will then be required to reflect on the changes and what they think may happen in the future.


I plan on showing the filter bubble video and then having students use different search engines to see the different results that come up. I will also have them use the computers at school to do this and their cell phones and home computers.


Students are using Google Classroom, so I want them to analyze the components of Google Classroom in terms of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0


I was a bit loss on ideas for this section but this post really seems to have what I would be searching for to help out students with this particular topic. Thanks!


I plan to make sure that there is plenty of time for interaction around the new concepts. I also will vary the type of resources that the students will learn from; a video presentation, partner computer research, individual and group reading/jigsaw over learning. Evaluating various websites will be entertaining along with being educational for them, as well!


I like the idea of helping students connect to the 3 S’s and ISTE Nets_ personal safety searching - do you have any links to sites that you use?


Thanks for sharing the link that you found on website evaluation.


We are 1 to 1 so students can engage constantly with their iPads. I think a scavenger hunt is a great idea…give them a list of things to find to help them learn


I think the videos included in this lesson are great for the students. My students generally remain engaged when watching short videos that are followed by class discussions, so I will make sure to include a lot of that. There is another short video about the Web 2.0 that I have used in other classes that I plan on sharing as well.


I will make the scavenger hunt more relevant to my students. I will show the video about Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and journal/discuss the evolution of the Web and where they see it going. We will look at the other resources for finding information and have students pair up to research and then give presentation to rest of class.


I will have students brainstorm different sources other than Google that they can use to find information. We’ll discuss Wikipedia and the pros and cons of using that as a source. Students will explore the different websites and journal about how each is used, after a compilation is made.


I will have the students describe how they do searches in their journal, then have a class discussion that compares and contrast the different ways they use. We will generate a chart that they can use to determine whether the different sites are good or relevant. I like the scavenger hunt and think it will generate good topics for discussion. I will show the videos on 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 and have them write what they think about the evolution of the internet and use what they write for another class discussion.


Google has a Tip sheet on how to get better search results. I will have students use these tips while doing various searches. I am also going to have students create their own scavenger hunt and then exchange it with other students.


Hello Teresa - would you mind sharing your Google Tip sheet. It sounds like a great resource.


I would allow my students to access some of the information using their phones. I would see if anyone has used virtual reality devices and get some input about how they felt about using it, did they like? Not like it, why or why not. Final question, where do we go from here?