U1 Day 5-7: PD Discussion Topic


I like the idea of students engaging in scientific argumentation. I can provide them with a Claim/Evidence/Reasoning template and ask students to argue the benefits of bubble filtering for the internet (or the opposite claim)–its an important discussion to add to just the basic facts of what 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 might be.


I think the students will stay engaged because they will be interested. The Ted Talk was great. Students could scribble notes during the talk. The scavenger hunt will be engaging for them. I like the idea of having students check out their parents result from a search. Since I teach in a computer lab, students can use the computers. Although I would not be opposed to students using their phones to search also.


This year I capitalized on the interest in the Presidential elections. I had the students access websites that purported to carry factual information they did the website validity activity with some of those websites. They were really engaged.


I will have students look at a “silly” web site and a “serious” one. Hopefully they will be able to tell the difference.


I plan to show the video about Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. After, I am giving my students some Web 2.0 sites to research and figure out how to use. I will then have them share what they find with other students. I think sometimes they forget how much help they can find online - it’s not just games and wikipedia.


I’ve found that this lesson naturally engages students - social media and the Internet what they love. Resources and activities that are short and interesting that create a smooth flow of learning helps to keep them engaged.


For the Web 2.0 portion of the lesson, I used a hands-on activity where the students had to explore Web 2.0 components of the Internet and share with the class their findings. The students were engaged and they were enlightened by the findings shared by their classmates.


Making activities relevant is the key. I will probably do some type of interest survey with each student to find what is most relevant to them. This will be my starting point.


@bsanti I’d love to hear what you use for your survey questions.