U2 Challenge Decisions

Please share with the group which lesson you would like to work on and if you would like to have a partner to work with.

Before you post see if there is someone you can team up with. Working together will make this process easier and likely more fun.

I will be working on the minimal spanning tree lesson from day 17. I plan to have students create a spanning tree for the museums on the national mall that would allow them to see the most during a limited visit. I could see this also working for theme parks such as Disney Land.


Hi Gregory

I love this idea it sounds really cool! It does sound like you are actually having students work on the Hamiltonian Path Problem which is Day 18-21/Unit 2 Project. The difference is between the two can be really challenging so I would suggest looking into that as part of your work. We can provide more information if you think it would be helpful. Make sure to look at those stages in the online PD because they help.


I will be working on Day 10-12: Binary Lesson Plan: Day 10-12 Binary.

I had the students work on the minimal spanning tree lesson by using their schedules and a campus map to find the routes to each of their classes.

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I will be working on Day 10-12: Binary Lesson Plan: Day 10-12 Binary. I want to add an analog binary calculator to the lesson for converting between Base 2 and Base 10 it also helps to add a Worksheet with simple addition and subtraction problems for practice.

I will be working on Day 13-14 Binary and Linear Search: Tower Building Activity. I would like students to teach activity to teachers at a staff meeting.

I will be doing day 10 of day 10-12 to allow students to play a binary game to practice counting using binary numbers.

Angela Jones Challenge-2PageLessonOverviewTemplate.docx (28.2 KB)

I will be working on Day 15-16: Sorting

EDIT: I changed my mind, I will be working on minimal spanning trees Day 17

I will be working on a lesson from Day 10-12: Binary.

I will also be working on the binary lesson.

I will be working on day 15-16 Sorting Algorithms.

I want to make a lesson on Day 10-12 Binary.

I will be working on the Binary Lesson day 10-12 because it’s a lesson that I think would help me if I really try it out myself first.

I am doing the cornrow activity, and extension of that activity. I already completed this lesson. It worked out wonderfully! I did it different then listed in the book.

I will be working on a Binary lesson

I will be doing: Day 15-16: Sorting

The reason I choose this lesson is because I witnessed its execution during training and felt it needed improvement. In the lesson that I experienced the group used labelled brown bags containing objects to create different weights. This was very distracting to the goal of the lesson. There was too much focus and time consumed on trying to figure which object was heavier rather than the main goal of determining the steps or procedure/algorithm to “efficiently sort or rearrange” the items in a particular order. Therefore, I hope to use manipulatives that are clearly labelled with their weight or number assignment to facilitate the sorting step. It is also important that the group keeps a record of every time a comparison is made to determine whether they need to reorder an item or not. In the field of computer science this number/count is used to determine the efficiency of the algorithm.

Also, the teacher must make the students start with a “worst-case” sorting scenario, which means that the list must be completely reversed. For example, you want them to determine how many data comparisons it will take to sort a list of 10 numbers that start in descending order to end in ascending order using two different sorting algorithms. Doing so will clearly reveal which algorithm is more efficient when they keep track of the number of comparisons made. Comparisons translate into CPU time = program run time.

I will be teaching an additional lesson on Binary coding (Days 10-12). Students will be writing their full names in Binary and also completing a multiplication table in binary numbers.

I will work on days 10-12 the Binary Lesson

Binary lesson – days 10-12.