U2 Website adding links to peer mini-website pages

Here is a sample website I created to help my students link pages created by their peers to their project. Each group shared a common project guide (via Google Assignments). They added their website plans, style discussions, sketches to this document. I also added a section where they could share their links to their mini-website pages once they finished working on their individual pages.

This was a fun project to do over zoom breakout sessions. We used the classroom time for teams to hash out their ideas. The shared project guide kept them on track with tasks that needed to be done independently. I divided the class into groups of three to four students. Each student had to work on at least two html pages. Each group used a common CSS style sheet to keep the look and feel alike through the website.

I am really thrilled we could continue to do paired programming even through distance learning. Would love to share student samples soon. I created the sample website mentioned here to help them integrate their work better. The instructions given on Lesson 20 to copy/paste their peer pages into their project seemed cumbersome. My students found this technique a lot easier to do. Adding links to all pages from the Top landing page of the project. Each mini-website (peer developed site) would point back to the Top landing page.



Thanks for sharing your sample website! It helps to visualize what you did and make it easy for others to duplicate. The shared project guide and breakout rooms are also great ideas.

Again - thanks for sharing. I hope you share your finished sites!

Here is student sample. This seemed to be the theme this year. COVID-19, Mental Health, and Self-Care Guidelines.
Here is another student sample on music. Phew! It is not all bleak. This one I was impressed the students went over and what was required and added some unique styling for the navigation buttons.


This is an excellent student example! I agree that this tends to be a theme in my classes as well. The only problem is now the guidance office is overrun with student referrals coming from our web filter. They keep looking up things on mental health issues for their sites and the web filter keeps dinging them as potential risks! Oh 2020! When will you end?! :crazy_face:

@edavis Yes! I hear you. I already got a few concerned parents. I feel this was an excellent way for our students to bring those concerns out into the open and talk about it.