U2L04 Website Link Collection Survey w/ photos

I believe this is the first time students will need to share their code.org project links with others for a peer review. This survey has images and short instructions on how they can click on the share link to copy the URL for their project.

Usually, I will also pre-post the spreadsheet in Google Classroom as well so all students are able to see each others’ projects! In the classroom, it is easy enough to instruct students on how to do this, but I am hoping this will make the process a little more streamlined while distance learning.


Thanks for sharing—that looks like it’s super helpful to get all their links in one spot!

@sierrac Let us know how it works out. I’m curious. I usually have students turn their links in as the answer to a Google Classroom question then make it so they can see one another’s answers and comment on them. It works well, but does make it hard to show the process to help students through it when working independently.

Great use of Google Form and instructions for sharing website links! Thanks for sharing!

I do a similar activity and have kids look at each website. We also vote on awards (many:) so it gives kids something purposeful to do while viewing each website. Here is the voting form and here are my slides with the awards. They should match.
The trick to having Google Forms tally your winners is to instruct students that they can only vote for one classmate for one award - otherwise it skews the votes. Also, I paste student names from my roster into each award on the form so that the winners are tallied for me in form results.



@edavis it worked out well! I’ve done this before and it’s usually pretty successful while in the classroom. Most students were able to successfully use the share button and get the URL without other instructions from me.

Here’s an image of what it looks like from Google Classroom:

It has the link to the survey AND the spreadsheet. I included the spreadsheet before they filled out the survey.

After they filled out the survey, it started populating and you can see this here:

I blacked out their names for privacy, but you can see all of their links are next to their names. I also usually will have a different tab per period. One nice thing about this is if a student provides the wrong link (like the link to the puzzle) it’s really easy to catch it right away!


Excellent! Thank you for sharing!

@sierrac, This looks great! Thank you so much for sharing the screenshots. It really clears it up. Great idea!