U2L14 - How can students present website without showing code?

Help! Students are celebrating their final product. They moved their projects to web lab, but I can’t figure out how they can present their projects as a website without showing the code and rest of the site?

Also, it would be ideal if I could pull up the section of students from my computer but from the lesson page, it’s a bit clunkly looking. I would like a clean view. what is the best way?

Thanks for your always super prompt and great help!
Lauren Davis-CSD teacher

Hi Lauren,
I’m not exactly sure what you mean in your second question. To present finished website projects, students should look for a “SHARE” button at the top of the web lab project page. This will show them a link that, when opened in a browser, shows the full size website with all the HTML and Code.org site hidden. (There will be a small footer at the bottom with links back to Code.org.)
Hope this helps!

Hi Lauren!
I don’t know if this is what you mean or not for your second question, but would this link help?