U3L06 Sprites Making more scenes


In level 17 it says as a challenge to make more scenes. How do we do this?



Reading through Bubble 18, I believe it’s just suggesting to start over and create an entirely new scene. I would comment the existing scene out so you wouldn’t lose your work.

Later in Unit 3, students will learn how to create functions (which could draw different scenes) which could be based on the user input (from the final lessons of Chapter 1, Lessons 11 and 12).

Hope that helps!


Very. Thank you. Uh, but how do you “comment out” the code?



Commenting things out is a really great way to test if stuff works or change things without deleting stuff. I highly recommend getting in the habit of using it. Or to tell the students about the importance of making and using comments for more than just messages.

You can make things comments in two ways

One: A single line comment. Add two foward slashes

// world.frameRate = 20 ;  <-Commented out. notice it gets grayed out. 
//Then the next line is not commented.
world.frameRate = 1 ;

The multi line comment A /* to start and then */

/*  I'll keep this for later instead of deleting it!
var x = 20 ; 
var y = 50 ;
x = x+y ;
y = y + x; 
rect(x,y) ;
The end of the comment.->   */

//Notice this stuff is not commented out. 
ellipse(20,30) ;