U6 Day 24-33: Assessment


U6 Day 24-33: Assessment


I have EV3 and Finch Robots.

My Assessment looked something like this:
Design, using Java, an maze/obstacle course.
-Must have two obstacles and at least 3 inner walls.
Program your EV3 robot to maneuver through the obstacle course.
-Must use loops and if statements
Program your Finch robot to maneuver through the obstacle course.
-Must be pre-programed (not pushing on arrow keys)

What are the similarities and differences between the robot features and software used to program?
Compare and contrast the programming your EV3 and Finch to maneuver the course. Which was easier and why? Which robot do you prefer and Why?


Alternate Final - Students will create a portfolio website where the students will have a web page dedicated to each unit (Units 1, 2, 3, and 4) that shows a minimum of three (3) artifacts from that unit and a description of what they learned and why they chose these artifacts.Student Portfolio Website.docx (28.5 KB)


My assessment for regular bot navigation was for my students to write a program to get the robot to traverse a course. They had to keep their robots within the taped area for full credit (Picture Below). The easy part was the programming. What my students soon found out, was that there are many variables that cause difference in theory and practice. It was a great lesson for them to exercise their problem solving skills because each robot performed differently. Some veered left, some veered right, some wheels slipped in turns while some did not slip.

boebot track rubric.pdf (166.0 KB)


My students will be doing creating a website portfolio! Attached are the directions and rubric that I created. I modified the suggestion of the portfolio to this, as I can attach these HTML pages to my school webpage and allow future students to see what the class is all about!



mking: Are you using Lejos, the Java version for Lego EV3? I would like to explore this tool to introduce Java to my students


Are you using the color sensor for this activity? I’m trying to do a similar activity. Thanks for sharing


Nope. Just straight navigation. I did have them use the whiskers in a later activity to get the robot to move around the room as it ran into things. Robotics was their favorite unit.


I only had access to robotics kits for about a week, so I really had to skim over a lot. The final assignment I gave my students was to work in teams to create an apparatus that would either pick up, push, or in some way move one of the balls that is part of the NXT kit. I used athletic tape to tape out four different 8 x 8 foot obstacle courses on the floor of my classroom, then used a variety of classroom objects (books, binders, trash cans, etc.) to create the obstacles. I marked the locations of everything with the athletic tape so positions would be accurate. The robots had to start at a specific position, locate and capture the ball, then transport it across the finish line. Each course was different, and some included dead ends or ramps.

If I had more time, I would have added a detection requirement, where the robot would need to locate and detect the ball using one of the sensors in the kit.

Notes: Don’t use LEGO!! While I love that students can customize the robots, there are a million (exaggeration) little parts to get lost, stepped on, moved from one kit to another, etc. With three classes of 30 sharing fifteen kits, it was a logistical nightmare! I have requested Spheros for my classes to teach the basics just because of the headaches the kits are.


Yes, I am. Practice before you give assignments. Students have LOTS of questions.