Ukrainian speaking student

I have a new student who only speaks Ukrainian. Is there an easy way to find out what has been translated into Ukrainian? She is in 8th grade and the rest of the class is in CS Discoveries. Would I need a Ukrainian keyboard?

Hi @leachlisa,

This post has great suggestions for language support. I did check the Immersive Reader tool and Ukrainian is one of the languages that is supported. @edavis’s reply at the bottom also has suggestions for using Google Docs Translate Document tool for the Activity Guides.

I have some students from Ukriane as well. They do not need different keyboards but they do speak some English so they are able to communicate with the regular keyboard. Others may have suggestions on how to handle the keyboard.

As I said in some of the linked posts, I have found Unit 2 is more difficult with ELL student than Unit 3 as it is so language dependent.